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  1. The Website

Use of the website is intended to inform visitors. The holder of the website takes due care to ensure the accuracy, updated-timeliness and quality of the website. We do not assume any responsibility for potential errors or for the accuracy of the published data.

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  1. Privacy

The website receives data on its visitors in unprotected electronic form, which may lead to accessibility on the part of unauthorized third persons.

The visitors alone are responsible for the protection of their sensitive data.


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All potential disputes related to the use of the website shall be exclusively adjudicated by the courts in Ljubljana.

Use of this website shall be subject to the exclusive application of the laws of the Republic of Slovenia.

Location and contact

Our offices are located in the heart of Ljubljana, specifically in the Palace “Evropa”, a fine example of the historicist architecture of architect Carl Tietz, one of the architects of Vienna’s celebrated Ring.

The close and direct proximity of all important judicial, administrative and other institutions enables us to pursue the interests of our clients quicky and effectively.

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